Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to answering any additional questions that you might have. If you can’t find your answer here or you would rather speak to someone in person, you can contact us via the details at the bottom of the page, or by visiting the contact page.

How long do I have to join for?

There is a minimum joining time of just 6 months, and after that, you can leave the group with just one month’s notice.

How much are the aircraft to hire?

The Cessna 172s are £135.00 per tacho hour and our PA28 Archer II G-NUKA is £155.00 per tacho hour. These prices are wet and inclusive of VAT. NWFG members also have access to the North Weald Flight Training Fleet of C152’s at discounted rates.

How are the costs calculated?

All the aircraft are billed by the ‘tacho hour’ and the flying time is invoiced monthly. The amount(s) invoiced will be the actual start/stop tacho reading from the relevant aircraft’s engine, based on the above rates. For those unfamiliar with this system, the tacho is a meter in the rev counter which works in direct correlation to the engine revs applied. (A full tacho hour on average equates to approx 1hr 10mins to 1hr 15mins engine time).

Are there any other costs?

There is a monthly membership charge of £65, this is payable by standing order. There is also an insurance excess waiver which is detailed below. A £200 deposit is required, this will be refunded when you leave the group. To join the NWFG due to the complexities of the surrounding airspace and the airfield procedures a detailed ground briefing is required before the flying check flight and C172 familiarisation if required. An initial joining fee is payable as detailed below. Check Out/Joining fee: For non-North Weald based pilots. £120.00 For based pilots or pilots based at North Weald within the previous six months. £80.00 Both the above are plus the aircraft hire at the standard member tacho rate.

Do I have to pay towards the insurance?

All the aircraft are fully insured and the premium is included in the hire and monthly rates. However, each insurance policy carries a high excess which varies from aircraft to aircraft but is on average £1000. We therefore have and recommend our insurance excess waiver. The waiver costs £60 per annum and runs from the 1st April to the 31st March and will be charged pro rota (£5 per month) depending on your date of joining. This fully covers your insurance excess liability should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or incident that results in an insurance claim.

What are the landing fees at North Weald?

Currently, there are no landing fees at North Weald when you become a member of the NWFG and are flying a home-based aircraft.

Can I take the planes away for trips?

Yes, you can take the aircraft away for trips including overnight stays at no additional cost subject to a couple of minor restrictions if the aircraft are taken away for longer periods. We will be happy to discuss these with you if required.

Is there a minimum hourly requirement to join?

There is no minimum hour requirement to join. We hold full flying club insurance and are also CAA Approved Training Organisation (ATO 0332). You can join as soon as you get your licence or if you are considering learning to fly or have actually started at another flying school we offer extremely competitive training rates through our sister company North Weald Flight Training Ltd. The transition to the NWFG is then a simple process. Click on the Pilot Training link above

I am working towards my CPL/ATPL’s and would like to hour build, can the group offer any packages?

Our training company NWFT Ltd can offer very attractive packages for hour builders or those pilots who just want the more economical use of two-seat aircraft to fly. Please contact North Weald Flight Training for their latest deals and prices. Tel: 01992 522090 My PPL has expired, how can I get back into flying and join the NWFG. Through North Weald Flight Training a bespoke service is available to help you get your lapsed licences current and updated. Depending on how long your licence has lapsed it could cost much less than you expected to get flying again. Flight Trainings experienced team will also go through all the paperwork with you to make it as easy as possible to complete the necessary forms, removing the trepidation and headache normally associated with this process. We will also follow the renewal application through the various procedures to ensure everything goes smoothly. So far we’ve helped hundreds of pilots get their licences current again. Once your licence is current again joining the NWFG is completely straightforward.

How do I book an aircraft?

All aircraft are booked through our online booking system.

Can I do further flight training through the group?

Yes, the group has its own CAA ATO so bi-annual instructor flights, refresher flights and proficiency checks are all easily arranged. Further training such as the IR(R) and night rating can be undertaken with North Weald Flight Training.

How long is the check out and what plane will I use?

The checkout generally only takes about one hours flying time if you have flown our aircraft type previously. It will probably be longer if you need familiarisation training. Due to the close proximity of Stansted airspace we also carry out a detailed ground brief. This ensures that by the time you have completed the checkout you are fully familiar with the circuit and the surrounding airspace restrictions at North Weald. Generally the whole check out process takes about three to four hours.

Once I am checked out, can I fly any aircraft in the group?

If you are checked out on a C172 that will cover all of the group’s current Cessna aircraft. You will need a separate check-out and a minimum of 100 flying hours to be able to fly our Piper Archer II.

What if I have never flown that type before?

That’s no problem as the differences in training can be incorporated at the same time as the check flight, but will obviously take slightly longer depending on your experience and how quickly you adjust to the type.

Are there any problems with availability?

Generally no, with four aircraft in the group, availability is excellent all year round. There can obviously be some busy weekends in the fine summer months, but weekdays are usually never a problem.

What else does the group have to offer me?

By becoming a member of the NWFG you will have access to a fleet of extremely well maintained and presented aircraft which you will be able to fly with the absolute minimum of hassle. Book your aircraft, turn up, complete your daily checks and go flying. If you have any technical problems you just report it to us and we do the rest. There is no additional cost to you. We offer excellent back up for any issues arising or for just general practical help and advice with your flying. Our staffed ‘Flight Training’ office is open on site 7 days a week so any advice or help can be easily sought from our experienced staff and instructors.

Would there be an opportunity to fly with others within the group?

Yes, we have a very active ‘Fly Out’ group and there are always other members who can be contacted via the web site ready to share flights. Look at our ‘trips’ section for our previous adventures.

How do I go about joining?

The first thing to do is contact Paul Bazire or Simon Lowman by email or phone, using the details supplied on the web site under the contacts page. The airfield is open 7 days a week and you are more than welcome to call in during the opening hours of 08.30-17.30 to view the facilities. If you have any questions then please let us know.